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Welcome to the Internet’s First Male Enhancement Information website! Yes, that’s right. We were the first male enhancement review site online and we are getting ready to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. Helping over 2 million people since March of 2003 we  consider ourselves to be the professor on the subject of penis enlargement. Almost every day for the last decade we have watched countless review sites pop up on the net and copy everything we have done. While most people would consider this flattering, we tend to disagree. The sole purpose of those sites are to scam you – the get in and get out before they get caught – marketing ploy!  Needless to say those biased sites don’t last long but not before cheating hundreds of men out of their hard earned cash.
Our products speak for themselves. High Quality brands with 100% money back guarantees is all that you will find on our website.

We provide men everywhere with educated advice about male enhancement products with our reviews of the various top brands and present honest answers to important questions that men frequently have. We tackle questions on penis enlargement pills, extenders, patches, surgery, and exercises and give you the most important information that allows you to make the best choice for your needs. Our independent testers have examined the many male enhancement products available today and present reviews of the best erection enhancement pills, penis patches and male enhancement gum available along with the lowdown on the best penis extenders that money can buy.

Our contributors are always on top of the latest developments in the penis enlargement industry and strive to continually keep our reviews up to date and to answer the most important questions. Can the claims behind penis enlargement products be trusted? Do penis extenders work? What’s in a penis pill? Do male enhancement pills work? These are questions that are on the minds of all men that need to be answered before buying any male enhancement product.

So, do you want to know the facts about male enhancement?, then read on.


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Male Enhancement Reviews

The Best Penis Enlargement Product will Please Your Lover

What’s the best male enhancement product that I can buy? With today’s economy no-one wants to spend more money on something that may just work as well as a less expensive product, or perhaps even not at all. Our independent reviewers provide you with unbiased male enhancement product critiques, penis extender reviews, male enhancement reviews and informative content about penis enhancement products.

Our educated staff are dedicated to providing up to date reviews of the continually evolving male enhancement industry. Every product review, including erection enhancement pills, penis extenders and other male enhancement products are frequently examined and we only list the products that may actually work as advertised. Why would we waste your time and money with the ones that don’t?

The bottom line is that if you don’t see a product listed on this site then we didn’t feel that it meets our strict criteria of a quality male enhancement product. We want to make sure that you get the right product the first time and our male enhancement reviews contain the most up to date and reliable information on penis enlargement devices, male enhancement pills, male enhancement patches.

We also offer you a number of articles to explain the science and examine the issues behind male enhancement and help you make some of the complicated decisions associated with purchasing these types of products.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Our male enhancement pill reviews rank the most effective and best value pill products that are available on the market today. The traditional medical community is still somewhat cautious with respect to their effectiveness but thousands of men who use these male enhancement pills on a daily basis tell a different story.

EnhanceRx™ Pillsvigrx-plus-pills-ratingactigain-rating
  1. EnhanceRx™ Rating 5/5 – Excellent 
  2. VigRx Plus® Rating 4/5 – Great
  3. ActiGain™ Rating 4/5 – Good
  4. ZyGain® Rating 4/5 – Average

Best Penis Extenders

Below you will find reviews of the leading penis extender brands. Our penis extender reviews found that they have all been medically certified, clinically tested, and doctor recommended. Extenders, also known as stretchers, are one of the only methods that have been scientifically proven to provide results on a consistent basis.

ZyGain® ExtenderEnhanceRx™ ExtenderAchieveRx Penis Extender
  1. ZyGain® Complete Rating 5/5 – Excellent 
  2. EnhanceRx™ Extender Package Rating 4/5 – Great
  3. AchieveRx Extender Rating 3/5 – Good
  4. ProExtender Rating 3/5 – Good

Best Male Enhancement Patches

Male enhancement patches are one of the latest methods to hit the market. Our male enhancement patch reviews found that the main advantage of this method is that the active herbal ingredients are continually absorbed straight into your system through your skin.

EnhanceRx PatchZyGain PatchAchieveRx Patch
  1. EnhanceRx™ Rating 5/5 – Excellent 
  2. ZyGain® Rating 4/5 – Great
  3. AchieveRx Patch Rating 3/5 – Good

Penis Development Exercises?

Muscles can grow given enough exercise, what about penis enlargement exercises? The penis is not a muscle but some men swear that exercising your meat will make it neat! What we say about the best penis exercises and techniques.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is the most radical and final step to a larger penis, but is it worth it? We examine the dangers, risks, and results of the penile surgery method.


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