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How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders apply gentle traction to the penis. Traction works much like when you exercise your muscles, the muscle tissue rips stimulating the creation of additional muscle tissue and increasing the size and power of your muscle.

A penis traction device encourages penis growth on a cellular level, by promoting the production of additional cells. This cellular growth is stimulated by gently creating tiny painless rips in the corpus carvernosa*. The body then heals these rips by generating additional cells.

The penis extender system that we found works best consists of a penis extender and a male enhancement supplement, be it male enhancement gum, patches or penis enhancement pills, they can all give you better results by combining the benefits of a physical enlargement device and a supplement.

*the spongy part of the penis that fills with blood during arousal creating the erection. If there is more area to fill the erection becomes bigger.

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Background and methodology behind how penis stretchers work

Male enhancement through traction devices is a fairly new method of enhancing your penis. While the concept of traction can be traced back to African tribes, it was not until recently that it was discovered that you could enhance your penis over time though applying subtle traction.

Penile extenders were originally developed to aid curvature of the penis called Peyronie’s disease; However clinical studies found that the medical device was successful in treating micro penis. As the word suggests it is a condition found in men resulting in a very small penis.

Soon doctors started prescribing the use of penis extenders for micro penis conditions with very good results. Currently penis extenders are registered and classified as a medical device with the FDA for treating Peyronie’s disease and micro penis.

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