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Designed to help men maximize their erection while also enhancing their stamina for stronger and harder erections. EnhanceRx™ male enhancement patches use a topical delivery method to transfer the same effective ingredients found in the #1 penis enhancement pill only in a formula designed to be worn comfortably all day. The patch helps maintain your body’s optimum hormone levels required for peak sexual performance.

Can a male enhancement patches deliver the same or better results as a male enhancement pill?

By delivering a smaller amount to the body throughout the day you get an even supply compared with an oral capsule or pill which gives you a high concentration but only for a short period of time.

From our results and what we hear from men writing in is that patches are far more convenient than having to take a pill. And because each male enhancement patch is effective for 3 days instead of pills which need to be taken anywhere from one to three times per day there is less chance of forgetting to wear your patch as opposed to taking your pills.

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EnhanceRx™ Patches
Rated #1
Results 5/5
Quality 4.5/5
Ingredients 4.5/5
Guarantee 4/5
Value 4/5
Price from $22.25 per/m
Verdict 5/5

EnhanceRx™ Male Enhancement Patch Review:

Our findings support the effectiveness of the patch to be slightly better or equal to that of penis enlargement pills and capsules. They are ideal for men who do not want to take a daily pill or for men who are allergic to gelatin which is the encapsulating agent of many of the penis pills on the market.

When we received our order of patches they came in a nice discrete package. Best of all not only was the package plain (except for a small label) but the actual patches are unmarked so you can easily fit them in your overnight bag when traveling and you don’t have to worry about snooping people asking questions. The people at EnhanceRx™ are a class act, they think of everything.

We give this penis patch product a double thumbs up. While we have had a few men with sensitive skin report back that they cannot keep placing the patch in the same spot otherwise their skin in that area gets a little irritated, but that’s not a problem since the patch can go anywhere.

If you don’t want to take a daily pill and don’t want to use a penis traction device then the patch is defiantly the way to go.


We have had tremendous positive results when wearing the patch and so have men who wrote in to let us know it works for them! If you have a story you would like to share with us please send it in as we would like to hear from you regarding your experiences.

As we mentioned before we find the penis patch to be an effective alternative to pills. You can find a complete list of ingredients below and their uses. The patch is also water resistant for those of you who lead an active lifestyle or are worried about exposing the patch to moisture.

The ingredients are blended in such a way as to offer the best effectiveness for a topical patch. Using Ginseng (a powerful energy source for the body and your sexuality), L-Arginine (aids in the dilation of the blood vessels leading to your penis), Damiana (known for sexual rejuvenatory properties), Fo-Ti (a supplement for reducing cholesterol and increasing sperm), Gotu Kola used by the Chinese as an impotence remedy), Saw Palmetto ( is a general tonic for the male reproductive system), L-Taurine (an amino acid which helps enlarge your cells and add cell volume), Guarana & Garcinia Cambogia (they help to promote your libido and total sexual energy), and Menthol which helps prepare the skin to better accept the other ingredients.


The EnhanceRx™ male enhancement patch is covered by their 180 DAY GUARANTEE offering you complete piece of mind when purchasing any of the EnhanceRx™ products. The makers of EnhanceRx™ stand behind their product with the longest product guarantee in the industry!

The Verdict:

The EnhanceRx™ patches are a great buy! Not only do you get an easy to wear, comfortable set of patches, they throw in a valuable exercise Ebook and a companion Ebook at no charge! To buy these on their own (which you can do) they are a $19.95 value each.

EnhanceRx™ Offers 5 Pre-bundled Packages below:

You will Receive 2 Free downloadable ebooks with every purchase:They accept PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, Money Orders or Bank Cashiers Checks.

Penis Enlargement Exercise eBook
Male Secrets / Sexual Power eBook

That’s a $35 Value – Absolutely Free!

EnhanceRx® Platinum Package1 Year supply

EnhanceRx Platinum Package
EnhanceRx Patches Platinum Package

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When you order the Platinum Package you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for a 1 year supply of EnhanceRx™ patches at the discounted price of $267.00, that’s only $22.25 per month supply! A saving of over $500.00 off the regular price. You also receive both ebooks 100% free!

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EnhanceRx® Gold Package6 Month supply

EnhanceRx Gold Package
EnhanceRx Patches Gold Package

Save over $200!

When you order the Gold Package you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for a 6 month supply of EnhanceRx™ patches at the discounted price of $29.83 per month supply for a total of $179.00 and save over $200.00 Instantly by also receiving both ebooks 100% free!

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EnhanceRx® Silver Package3 Month supply

EnhanceRx Silver Package
EnhanceRx Patches Silver Package

Save over $100!

When you order the Silver Package you will receive a shipment for 3 months worth of EnhanceRx™ patches at the reduced price of $37.00 per month supply for a total of $111.00 + S/H and save over $100.00 instantly by also receiving the exercise eBook 100% free! This is a one time payment and shipment and you will not be billed for any more in the future unless you specifically request us to do so.

Was $224.95 Sale Only $111.00Order

EnhanceRx® 1 Month Package1 Month supply

EnhanceRx 1 Month Package
EnhanceRx Patches 1 Month Package


Buy a one month supply of the EnhanceRx™ patches and try it out. Keep in mind however that we recommend at least a 3 month supply of any herbal product as it takes time for the ingredients to be absorbed into your system.

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EnhanceRx® Optima ProgramMonthly Installment Plan

EnhanceRx Optima Program
EnhanceRx Patches Optima Program

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When you order the Optima Program you will conveniently receive a one month supply of EnhanceRx™ Patches for only $44.95 + S/H. You will then receive a one month supply of EnhanceRx™ Patches each month thereafter starting today at the discounted price of $44.95 +S/H.

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EnhanceRx™ Shipping Statement

EnhanceRx™ will process all orders within 24 hours and then ship them. Please allow sufficient delivery time. They will strive to have their orders arrive faster than other companies online who try and save money by sending orders out via a slow delivery system. (All delays from Customs are beyond EnhanceRx’s control as all Customs departments are regulated differently)

Orders are discreetly shipped with United States Postal Service in plain USPS Priority packaging. There is nothing written on the package as to its contents. However for international orders some Customs Departments require that we write “Herbal Vitamins” on the parcel for clearance.

EnhanceRx™ will contact you via email ONLY if your order information is incomplete.
Credit card charges will appear on your statement as “SOSCart”. All order links on this page will redirect you to the EnhanceRx™ secure server & shopping cart system.