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Penis Extender Reviews

Penis extenders are devices that have been scientifically designed to increase penis size, by gradually stretching the penis over time to increase its tissue volume. Penis extenders is the only male enhancement method that is backed by medical studies that have shown them to be effective in increasing penis length besides risky surgery.

Our expert reviewers have tested many male enhancement extender devices and have narrowed the many choices down to a list of the four best penis extenders available on the market today. Our penis extender reviews take many different aspects into account including effectiveness, value for money, customer service and product guarantees.

Our Best Penis Extenders

The 3 best penis extender brands listed below are the ONLY extenders that we recommend..period! Each of the devices below are all backed by 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantees. Read our penis extender reviews below about each product so that you can make an informed decision.

ZyGain Extender
#1 – ZyGain®
ZyGain® Extender 5/5 stars
Full ZyGain® Review
EnhanceRx Penis Stretcher
#2 – EnhanceRx™
EnhanceRx™ Extender 4/5 stars
Full EnhanceRx™ Review
X4 Labs Extender
#3 – AchieveRx™
AchieveRx Extender 3/5 stars
Full AchieveRx™ Review

Best Penis Extenders

Here are the summary of the penis extender reviews for the top 4 devices that can help you decide on the product that is right for you. Each price listed below is for basic extender, and many brands are available with enhancement pills or patches for the fastest results. The best penis extenders also allow you to take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction guarantee that comes with many of the products listed.

1. ZyGain® ExtenderExtender Device: $129.99

ZyGain Extender

  • ZyGain® has excellent Customer Service.
  • High Quality Design.
  • 180 Day Money back guarantee
  • Secure  Online ordering system

The #1 rated Penis Extender

The ZyGain® extender is the best penis extender we’ve ever reviewed and deserves the #1 spot. There were several reasons that our reviewers found which distinguished this extender from all the others.

The ZyGain® Complete package gives great value and includes penis enlargement pills. Read our full ZyGain® penis extender review to see what all the fuss is about.


2. EnhanceRx™ ExtenderExtender Device: $137.00

EnhanceRx Extender

  • All Products are Made In The USA!
  • EnhanceRx™ has excellent Customer Service.
  • High Quality Design 
  • 180 Day Money back guarantee
  • Secure Online ordering system

The #2 rated Penis Extender

The EnhanceRx™ device almost made it as our best penis extender, but there’s still lots of reasons to choose it. Only slightly more expensive than our #1 rated extender, EnhanceRx™ offers you several different options to suit your preferred enhancement program.

EnhanceRx™ extender packages include either penis pills or patches to supercharge your gains. With an industry leading 6 month guarantee, EnhanceRx™ extenders offer great value for money and shouldn’t be overlooked.


3. AchieveRx ExtenderExtender Device: $99.95

AchieveRx Penis Stretcher

  • AchieveRx – The #3 rated penis stretcher
  • Canadian Company with US Distribution Center
  • Good customer service
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Secure Online Ordering

The #3 rated Penis Stretcher

The AchieveRx penis extender is basically the extender device for the budget conscious individual. There are no frills and whistles with this product. Why buy stuff that you may not need? Get a basic extender at the lowest price.

Read our AchieveRx penis extender review and find out why this product was rated in the Top 3 of the best penis extenders available on the market.


4. Pro ExtenderExtender Device: $299.99

ProExtender Penis Stretcher

  • Pro Extender™ – The #4 rated Penis Extender
  • Canadian Company with US Distribution Center
  • Bundled with Supplements.
  • Pro Extender™ has good customer service
  • 6 Month Money back guarantee
  • Secure Online Ordering

The #4 rated Penis Stretcher

The Pro Extender™ is bundled with pill products from other manufacturers and is backed by a 6 month guarantee.

Doctor designed and backed by clinical professionals in many countries, this penis extender gives medically proven results. Check out our penis stretcher review and find out why ProExtender™ deserves to be listed with our best extenders.