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ProExtender™ – The #4 Rated Penis Extender

Overall Rating:

  • Rating 3/5 Stars.

The ProExtender™ penis extender is one of our top extender devices that we have tested. Although the ProExtender™ package is not made by the company themselves they package in quality items which sets it apart from the cheaper devices that are available.

  • ProExtender™ – The #4 rated penis extender.
  • ProExtender™ has good Customer Service.
  • Packages includes Herbal Supplements
  • 180 Day Money back guarantee
  • Secure Online ordering system

Top 3 Penis Extenders

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ProExtender™ Extender
Rated #4
Results 3/5
Quality 3/5
Ingredients 3/5
Guarantee 4/5
Value 3/5
Price from $299.95
Verdict 3/5

Product Review:

The ProExtender™ penis extender has been backed by clinicians in 26 countries around the world and is a less painful alternative to surgery. The ProExtender™ has been doctor developed to provide gentle, harm free and painless traction to the penis. Penis extenders are the only method that gives permanent increases in penis length and ProExtender™ is no different than other devices in this respect.

ProExtender™ do not manufacturer their own device and their bundled “Systems” contain products from Albion Nutraceuticals and Dana Medic. Although they are getting high quality supplements along with the medical device, ProExtender™ can’t really be considered all-round experts in male enhancement as compared to other higher ranked companies.


The effectiveness of this penis extender is based on the amount of hours spent wearing the device, and the comfort of the ProExtender male enhancement device allows you to wear it for long periods of time. Our reviewers liked that the results of the ProExtender™ penis stretcher are boosted with the addition of enhancement pills, but you only get a 1 month supply which may not give the results you are expecting.


The ProExtender™ male enhancement device offers a 6 month guarantee on their entire product line, but make sure the device gets shipped back to them within 187 days to make sure you qualify for a refund.

The Verdict:

A solid guarantee and medically proven gains makes the ProExtender™ penis stretcher a reliable method for male enhancement and the device makes it onto our list of the best penis extenders. The main negative with ProExtender™ is that there is not a great deal of difference between the male enlargement packages that are available to order. There’s a $100 difference between the Original System and the Deluxe System, which comes with herbal pills and Semenax™, but this is a lot less than $100 of value. For this reason our reviewers were unable to rank it higher in our penis extender reviews.

ProExtender™ Offers 4 Pre-bundled Packages:

They accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Eurocard payment options. Your order will be shipped by UPS and be delivered in discreet packaging for your security.

Order the ProExtender™ directly from the manufacturer below:

ProExtender™ Deluxe SystemDeluxe Extender + Pills

Deluxe ProExtender SystemSave Over $429

When you order the Deluxe ProExtender™ System you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for 1 Deluxe ProExtender™ Device, 1 Month Supply of  herbal pills and 1 bottle of Semenax™ pills.

Was $859.84 Sale Only $429.95Order

ProExtender™ Original System Original ProExtender™ + Pills

Original ProExtender SystemSave Over $400

When you order the Original ProExtender™ System you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for 1 ProExtender™ Extender Device + 1 bottle of herbal pills plus 1 bottle of Semenax™ pills.

Was $759.84 Sale Only $329.95Order

Deluxe ProExtender™ Deluxe ProExtender™ Only

Deluxe ProExtenderSave $300

When you order the Deluxe ProExtender™ you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for 1 Deluxe ProExtender™ Extender Device + the metal case.

Was $699.95 Sale Only $399.95Order

Original ProExtender™ Original ProExtender™ Only

Original ProExtenderSave $300

When you order the Original ProExtender™ you will receive a one-time shipment and charge for 1 Original ProExtender™ Extender Device + a basic cardboard case.

Was $599.95 Sale Only $299.95Order

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