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The ZyGain® penis extender is the best extender product we have ever tested. The included comfort strap system makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time and the gains in erection size have been scientifically proven for these types of extender systems.

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ZyGain® Extender
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ZyGain® Penis Extender Review:

Our reviewers ranked the ZyGain® penis extender as the number 1 extender device on the market today. They tell us that the ZyGain® extender is a is the most comfortable and effective extender around based on their feedback. The added comfort strap system makes it easier and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and can even be worn under clothing without being detected.

Most of the male enlargement devices that we have reviewed on this site are almost identical in design but the ones with the Comfort Strap Extender System have been shown to be the best. The ZyGain® male enlargement system is the recommended by our experts as the best choice for those who want the best results possible from the best penis extender.


Penis extenders are designed specifically to enhance the penis by increasing penile length and girth, and is the only scientifically proven method of penis enlargement. Originally designed for those who suffer from the “micro-penis” medical condition, a penile extender applies constant traction force to the penis and stimulates the cells in the penis to multiply and divide causing the actual mass of the tissue and blood cells to increase. Of course, this was found to work for all penis sizes and you can now benefit from this extensive medical research. What makes the ZyGain® penis extender so effective is that it can be worn for an extended period of time as it is so comfortable and discrete. The ZyGain® Complete package further increases the extender’s effectiveness with the addition of penis enlargement pills and the deluxe Andro Device.

ZyGain® male enlargement devices are a great product for a non-surgical male enlargement option. Our reviewers have yet to find any negatives with this product based on what our readers and clients are reporting.


The ZyGain® brand is supported by the best guarantee in the enhancement industry, a full 180 day money back guarantee. Their customer service is rated as excellent, with any questions via their help desk ticket system answered quickly.

The Verdict:

Our reviewers found that the ZyGain® penis enlargement device heads the ranking as the best penis extender choice. A rock-solid guarantee and medically proven results makes it a sure thing for the most reliable male enlargement method. The comfort strap makes it a breeze to wear for extended periods of time and the option for the ZyGain® Complete supplement package is definitely the way to go for the fastest results.

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