How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

This is the question
that every man asks and is one of the most talked about things in the male enhancement industry, along with “Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?” and similarly phrased questions. Penis pills have been around for years and the “medical jury” is still out on their effectiveness, however thousands of men who use the products daily have a different opinion. The general consensus within the medical community is that the only scientifically proven method of penis enlargement in both length and girth is by surgery or by use of an extender device.

The basic principles as to how penis enlargement pills work in theory is quite straightforward and you won’t need a medical degree to understand. Most penis pill formulas are based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine and use natural herbal ingredients that have long been known to help men with erectile and sexual problems.

Penis Anatomy
To understand how penis enhancement pills are designed to work we need to have a look at the anatomy of the penis. The penis consists of three chambers, two of them are called the Corpora Cavernosa, and the third is the Corpus Spongisum. The Corpus Spongisum is primarily used for urinating and ejaculation. When a men gets sexually excited his brain releases a hormone which sends blood to his penis, filling the tissue within the Corpora Cavernosa to its maximum level.

The herbal ingredients present in penis pills act to increase blood flow to the penis above what is normally achievable. The maximum limit that your erectile tissue can fill with blood ultimately controls the size that your erect penis presently is. However, if these chambers were able to fill with more blood then your penis will be able to be larger when erect. Male enlargement pills help enhance these chambers enabling them to hold more blood. This leads to the increased size while erect.

The active herbal ingredients within the penis pills are absorbed through the stomach lining after being swallowed and make their way into the blood stream. Over a short period of taking the natural penis enhancement pills your body will absorb enough of the active ingredients for them to start to do their job. Your erect penis will fill with more blood than ever before, leaving you with a larger looking erection.

The latest penis enhancement pill formulas also contain other natural herbal ingredients which enhance different areas to improve your sexual performance. Certain ingredients will increase sexual libido and desire, improve erection recovery time and increase the amount of time that your erections lasts. This all adds up to a product that helps boost your overall sexual performance so you can be the best lover that you always deserved to be.

The best thing about penis pills is that they are completely natural and made from herbal ingredients that have been used to successfully treat men’s sexual problems over hundreds of years. The advantage we now have over these traditional remedies is that a modern scientific process has been used to select only the best and most potent of the herbal ingredients from all over the world to produce the most effective formulas.

So there you have it, not all penis enhancement pills work as well as others, check out our male enhancement pills comparison to find why it’s the best pill available today.

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