Penis Extenders Vs. Phalloplasty Surgery

Extenders Vs. Surgery
Most men view surgery as the last resort, but with the successes achieved by using a penis traction device why would you ever want to go under the knife for something you can have for a lot less hassle. We have laid out some of the differences between enlargement extenders and Phalloplasty for you to see for yourself.

Cost benefits
The most reliable penis extenders can run you anywhere from $99 for a base model to $350 for a deluxe hybrid model. Compare that to surgery.

While some “bargain” enlargement surgeries can cost as little as $3,500 to $5,000 the national average cost is $6,750, they can also cost well above $10,000. To make things worse, penile enhancement surgeries are not covered by medical insurance plans as they are deemed a cosmetic surgery. One way to keep the costs down is through medical tourism, it is not uncommon for men to go to Thailand for penis enlargement surgery. While traveling to another country can reduce your surgery costs it can make it more difficult for proper follow up and the hot humid climate of Thailand can make post surgery infections a higher risk.

Pain and recovery time
A penile extension device gently applies traction to your penis. You may feel some discomfort initially as you get used to using the device, it is more of an odd feeling than discomfort, but that is all. The time it takes to achieve any kind of result with a penis extender is about 3 months on average, depending on how long and how often you wear the device. From day one and throughout the time you use your extender you can still use your penis normally. That means you can have sex or masturbate to your heart’s content. But with surgery…

While enhancement surgery can only take 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the method used, a patient will need from 1 to 7 days before returning to work. While the procedure can be done with a local anesthetic combined with sedation the method of choice is full anesthesia (being knocked out). The patient will also need prescription pain medication to deal with the pain for a least a few days after surgery. Typically patients are asked to abstain from sexually activity (including masturbating) for six weeks post surgery. Many patents are given anti erection drugs to prevent painful and sometimes damaging erections right after surgery.

When you order a penis extender from any of the companies listed on our site, you get the peace of mind that your order will arrive in discreet packaging. No one ever knows what is inside the package.

When you go in for Phalloplasty or penile augmentation you will see and have to speak with a number of people from receptionist to the doctors. While the chance of them talking about you to someone you know are minimal, I do know an anesthesiologist that works at a local cosmetic surgery clinic and he tells me some funny stories.

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