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Is Penis Size Important?

The Importance of Size Many men worry about the size of their penis, and whether penis size is important, and this anxiety can have a serious effect on their sex life and relationships with women. If you have a small penis, or even just think you do, you may be less confident in your abilities…
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How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

This is the question that every man asks and is one of the most talked about things in the male enhancement industry, along with “Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?” and similarly phrased questions. Penis pills have been around for years and the “medical jury” is still out on their effectiveness, however thousands of men who…
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Do Penis Enhancement Exercises Work?

Do Penis Enhancement Exercises Work? Yes you can enhance your erection naturally without pills, enlargement devices, or surgery! It’s not an overnight method but it has worked for many of our readers. There are a number of penis enhancement exercise books available on the market today and some are really well put together with methods…
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Do Penis Enhancement Patches Work?

Penis Patches Firstly not all methods of penis enhancement work for every male. Depending on your body’s metabolism and other factors such as smoking and overall health one method may work better than another. Since the FDA does not regulate herbal products, they consider that the only true way to enlarge your penis is by…
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